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​My name is Irene Guglielmi and I was born on the Island of Elba under the sign of Sagittarius.

Since young age, I have shown a marked sensitivity and infinite passion for music.

Upon reaching the age of 9, I began an important course of study that led me to tour Italy, performing in prestigious events and participating in numerous competitions dedicated to "little talents".


Immediately demonstrating great spontaneity and an innate ease on stage, over time I decided to also dedicate myself to the art of dance and the study of acting.

Here are some of the trips that Music and I have done together:


From 1990 to 1995 - The First Steps 

National competitions such as "Lo Zecchino D'oro" and "Bravo Bravissimo".

First place in the "Gianburrasca" singing competition, sponsored by Rita Pavone and Teddy Reno.


From 1995 to 2001 - Growth 

Guest of important events, among which we highlight locations such as the "Sheraton Hotel" - Rome and the "Cafè de Paris" - Montecarlo.  


From 2003 to 2008 - Theater and Television 

Student of the 3rd edition of the Mediaset television program "Amici di Maria De Filippi"; "Prima sera" of the Program and duets with Ron, Lucio Dalla, and Andrea Bocelli.

Mediaset artist in the Artistic Staff of the television program "Buona Domenica" by Maurizio Costanzo.

Artist of the "Maurizio Costanzo Show" with Demo Morselli.

Theater tour as a performer on the music of Alex Britti and the choreography of Steve Lachance in the musical "Lungomare", written by Maurizio Costanzo (directed by Patrick Rossi Gastaldi) with sold out at the "Teatro Parioli" - Rome, at the "Teatro Nuovo" - Milan and at the "Teatro Alfieri" - Turin.

Participation in the Rai television program "Who will stop the music" conducted by Pupo, with Maestro Demo Morselli.

Collaboration in the streaming television program "Rosso Alice", conducted by Maestro Beppe Vessicchio.


Since 2008 - Live Show 

Meeting with the great mentor Gianni Caltran, known sponsor "Sonor" and drummer recognized among the most talented in Italy.

Beginning of an important artistic union, still solid and lasting today.


Thanks to Gianni Caltran, the live project "Gianni Caltran Band" is now known throughout Italy!


From 2009 to 2011 

Participation in the Canale Italia television program "I learned a song", hosted by Matilde Brandi with the participation of Maurizio Seimandi.



Live Show with Marco Fullone for Radio Monte Carlo;

Collaboration with Luciano Gaggia;

Luxury events in Italy and abroad;

Live concerts with "The Funky Bump" band  e "Gianni Caltran Band";

destination wedding;



Collaborations with Gianni Caltrans

  • Ivana Spagna

  • Sarah Jane Morris

  • Tony Momrelle

  • Vittorio Matteucci

  • Dario Ballantini

  • Ivan Cattaneo

  • Fausto Leali

  • Demo Morselli

  • Fiordaliso

  • Umberto Smaila

  • Jerry Cala

  • Tony Esposito


Performances (Dinner Show & Live Band)

  • "Twiga Beach Club - Versilia" by Flavio Briatore

  • "Just Cavalli" - Milan

  • "Bravo Caffe" - Bologna

  • "Corner Live" - Conegliano

  • "Blue Note Jazz Club" - Milan

  • "Casino Di Venezia" - Venice

  • "Casino Di Sanremo" - Sanremo

  • "Hilton Theatre" - Malta

  • "Gran Teatro" - Monte Carlo

  • "Hotel Palazzo Bauer" - Venice

  • Arya's Club - Castelfranco Veneto

  • [...]


  • Redeemer of Venice, Bauer Terrace

  • 70 years Cimolai, Pordenone

  • Fashion Week, Milan

  • Ducati, Hangar Bicocca

  • Festival Show, Jesolo

  • New Year's Eve 2016, Piazza Delle Erbe, Verona

  • New Year's Eve 2019, Piazza Dei Signori, Treviso

  • Home & Garden TV; inauguration of the HGTV channel with Radio Monte Carlo, Milan

  • InfoShowsMagazine, various events 

  • Reunion "The Cats of Vicolo Miracoli", Milan

  • National State Police Event, Various Editions

  • Jazz At The Bauer, Venice; various editions

  • Veneto Jazz Festival; various editions

  • Italian Cheese Awards, various editions

  • [...]








Even as a child, I often found myself creating choreographies and shows that I staged with my "friends" in school plays or village events.

After much practice and strong organizational skills, over the years I have created various original formats for different types of situations.

To date, I collaborate with many clubs and agencies in the north for the realization of shows.

> Format and Art Direction


The years spent in contact with Gianni Caltran (not only a well-known drummer and Sonor sponsor but also a great manager of artists such as Smaila, Fausto Leali, Vittorio Matteucci...), have trained me in this sector.

Thanks to Gianni, I was able to learn the "art of management" by working closely with him and practicing directly in the field.

My entourage is made up of Performers, Live Bands, Singers, Dancers, Musicians, DJs, Photographers, Florists, Catering, Locations... 

> Artists and Collaborations


I offer event planning consultancy; from the creative conception to the executive production up to the management of the artistic/logistic strategy for Venues, Private Events, City Events and Weddings.


Over the years I have organized events such as "Festalonga" for the City of Conegliano, I have followed the Artistic Direction for the "Havana Club" in Treviso and Arya's in Castelfranco and I have directed the Artistic Cast for the "Street Wine & Food" at the Castle of Conegliano.

I am also co-founder of "MatrimoniAmo - Women Wedding Designers", a project resulting from years of experience gained in the wedding sector. 

We are 8 professional women who have combined their skills in different sectors, creating a strong all-female synergy.

> Events and Weddings

The "IRENE GUGLIELMI EVENTS & SHOW" project has dozens of Original Format/Shows and Collaborations active, the Artistic Direction of Venues and the complete planning of Private Events and Weddings as well as a warehouse full of stage costumes.


Irene guglielmi
Irene Guglielmi
Irene Guglielmi
Irene Guglielmi
Irene Guglielmi
Irene Guglielmi
Irene Guglielmi
Irene Guglielmi
Irene Guglielmi
Irene Guglielmi
Irene Guglielmi
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