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BIOGRAPHY                                                                                                                         ITALIANO

​Irene “Nene” Guglielmi was born in Isola d’Elba on the 29th of November, 1983, with a big sensitivity for the music since she was a child.


At the age of 9 Irene starts an important path that leads her to travel along Italy, performing in prestigious events and being part of several contests about “Little talents”.


During her vocal performances little Nene shows a big and natural ease on the stage, so that with the passing of years she decides to dedicate herself to the art of the ballet and acting.

Here some travels Irene and music did:


From 1990 to 1995 – The First Steps


She Takes part of some national auditions like “Lo Zecchino d’oro” and “Bravo Bravissimo”.


She wins the singing audition “Giamburrasca”, supported by Rita Pavone and Teddy Reno.


From 1995 to 2001 – The Growth


Irene is hosted in important events, and places like the “Sheraton Hotel” – in Rome and the “Cafè de Paris”, in Montecarlo.


From 2003 – The Television


Irene takes part of the TV program “Amici di Maria De Filippi”, reaching the prime time and doing duets with artists like Ron, Lucio Dalla and Andrea Bocelli.


From 2004 to 2006


Irene is hired in Mediaset, being part of the artistic staff in the TV program “Buona Domenica” hosted by Maurizio Costanzo, taking also part of the last edition of  the very well-known “Maurizio Costanzo Show”.


From 2006 to 2008 – The Theatre and the Television


Irene starts a theatrical Tournèe acting, dancing and singing on Alex Britti’s songs, dancing the Steve Lachance coreographies in the “Lungomare” musical, directed by Maurizio Costanzo.


She performed in prestigious places like il “Teatro Parioli”, in Rome; il “Teatro Nuovo” in Milan and il “Teatro Alfieri” in Torino.


Irene takes part of the TV programm “Chi fermerà la musica” hosted by Pupo, with the orchestra leader Demo Morselli.


She also collaborates with the streaming TV program “Rosso Alice”,  presented by the orchestra leader Beppe Vessicchio.


From 2008 – Live Show


Irene meets her big mentor Gianni Caltran, well know sponsor of “Sonor” and one of the most talented drummer in Italy, starting with him an important artistic union, still solid and long-lasting.


It is thanks to Gianni Caltran that the live project “Movida Band”  is born and is now known in all Italy.


From 2009 to 2011


Irene takes part of the TV program “Ho imparato una canzone” hosted by Matilde Brandi and Maurizio Seimandi.

During this experience Irene duets with big artists as the famous drummer Tony Esposito.


From 2008 To Now


Irene, with the “Movida Band” collaborates with important artists like:


  • Ivana Spagna

  • Sarah Jane Morris

  • Vittorio Matteucci

  • Tony Momrelle

  • Dario Ballantini

  • Ivan Cattaneo

  • Fausto Leali

  • Demo Morselli

  • Fiordaliso

  • Umberto Smaila

  • Jerry Calà;



And she also performs in important clubs like:


  •  "Twiga Beach Club - Versilia" di Flavio Briatore

  • "Blue Note Jazz Club" - Milano

  • "Just Cavalli" - Milano

  • "Teatro Hilton" - Malta

  • "Gran Teatro" - Montecarlo      

  • "Casinò Di Sanremo" - Sanremo

  • "Casinò Di Venezia" - Venezia









In October 2017, Irene founded "Spektra Shows" and, in the role of Art Director, began collaborating with companies, entertainment venues and public institutions, for the realization of shows and events like:     

  • "Festalonga 2018" - City event for the municipality of Conegliano     

  • "Havana" - Club Treviso     

  • "Jam'in Live" - ​​Itinerant Jam Session Event     

  • "Jam'in Deejay" - Itinerant House Event     

  • "Majestic Mountain Charme Hotel" - Madona Di Campiglio           

       etc ...


Today, Spektra Shows, is a rapidly growing project.



Irene as a solist singer is today requested by several associations in all the Italian territory.


Her performances are for the originality of her interpretations, full of pathos, in wich the coreographies are enfatized by very original stage costumes.



As a solist singer Irene is today requested by several associations in all the Italian territory.

Her performances are for the originality of her interpretations, full of pathos, in wich the coreographies are enfatized by very original stage costumes.

The repertoire goes from international music to italian music, based on the contest of the nights.




The “Movida Band” show is always changing and growing, starting from the eclectic repertoire that goes from “lounge/jazz/swing music”, to the big italian successes from ‘60s on, to the’70 ’80 ’90 dance music, international evergreens to the big hits of nourdays.

The show is entirely live performed.




This project sees Nene with Pierre54, as a House vocalist.

This couple, both in music and life, offers a dj set that makes the history of House Music starting from the funky roots of Garage to more modern sounds of Soulful.




These are the kind of music that deeply influenced

tha artistic growth of Nene.

Some of the most important artists:


[Alicia Keys, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse,

Skunk Anancie, No doubt, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin,

Chaka Khan, Dionne Warwick, Steve Wonder, Jamiroquai etc...]


In this project are involved some of the most talented musicians of the genre, in a “crescendo” of emotions that attract a lot of enthisiasts.

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